Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Touch Me!
I'm yearning to feel you
Touch Me!
My Body screams in anticipation
Touch Me!
I can't hold back any longer
My desire is growing stronger
You reach out your hand
And then I feel you
Touch Me!
Your lips touch mine
It feels so divine
My legs feel weak
I can't find air to speak, as you
Kiss Me!
Your hands they caress
The swell of my breast
My Nipples respond
As they and your mouth form a bond, as you
Tease Me!
My every sense is awake
How much more can I take
Yet I don't want to stop
Need you to take me over the top, as you
Please Me!
As your hands travel south
Closely followed by your mouth
Gently spreading my legs apart
Increasing the beat of my racing heart, as you
Stroke Me!
Then I feel your warm wet tongue inside
And I throw my head back and my eyes roll wide
Enjoying the feel of you pleasing my clit
Then savour my juices not missing a bit, as you
Taste Me!
Oh you've pleased me so well
I reach down and stroke your swell
As I fall to my knees and smile
Cos I know this will keep me busy a while, as I
Devour You!
As Our bodys join
Loin to Loin
Our pleasures escalate
To the point we jointly break, as you,
Love Me!

© I.Charles 2004

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Worthy Cause - The My Purple Pledge 2011 Campaign


How many of us actually know what this is? 

As a child I remember reading in a booklet for a game on my Sega Game Gear (Old Skool Baybee) that the lights in the game could cause an epileptic fit and I turned to my Mum slightly scared by this and she said I had to actually have the condition called Epilepsy first. At the time I just kinda breathed a sigh of relief and was eager to get to kicking some ass with Sonic! 

But one day, I'll have children...what if one of them has Epilepsy?! Do I now at age 27 know what it is?! If I'm honest, I previously didn't.

Then I was asked if I could do a post regarding a campaign called "The My Purple Pledge" campaign and I felt it was as good a time as any to open my mind to something that 60, 000 children and young people in the UK are affected by. I found this website most useful in getting to know about Epilepsy.

But the question remains.... 
"What is The My Purple Pledge Campaign?"
It runs from March to May 2011 with "Purple Day" being March 26th 2011. The campaign is led by Insight2Marketing on behalf of  the National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy (NCYPE) who's aim is to "help create better futures for young lives with epilepsy" with the campaign bringing a very worthy cause to the attention of the masses. They will however need our help!

"How Can I Help The 'My Purple Pledge Campaign'?"
In any way you are able to help raise funds and/or awareness! Bake sales, Purple Themed Parties, Sponsored Silences, Wearing Purple Outfits/Clothing Items, Bike Rides, Running Marathons, Posting Blogs, Sharing Tweets....Let your imagination run free and each one can reach one! 

(I'm currently contemplating a Sponsored Non-Tweet Day or Weekend - now you KNOW that's gonna be hard for me)

The official website for "The Purple Pledge Campaign" launches THIS week and so will be able to answer a lot of questions and fill any gaps I may have missed. You'll be able to find it at http://www.mypurplepledge.com 

For those of you on Twitter, Follow the Campaign HERE and use the hashtag #mypurplepledge

Also check out the NCYPE website

Poem - Keeping It Real For Me

Keep It Real For Me!
In my moment of clarity
I see past my poverty
I’m not talking bout having things that are monetary
I’m trying to set myself free
Escape the madness and stress in this world
And thorns of hate which round my heart curled
Life aint always been easy for this girl
Wasn’t raised wrapped up like a precious pearl
Refuse to walk through this life blinded by illusion
Fed up of my body being invaded by intrusion
I know where I’ve been and where I wanna go
Don’t think you can stop me by labelling me a hoe.
You fail to impress me with the cars and the bling,
Trying to keep me prisoner with a solitaire ring
You can’t drape me in Gucci
Aint no designer hoochie
You can’t fumble in my bra
In the back of your car
I’m elevating myself beyond all of this
No longer fooled by false words or a sweet kiss
Whoever dropped the line ignorance is bliss
Has never felt the pain of this young Miss
Found hurt and pain at such a young age
But I’ve put that behind me and turned the page
A new chapter to begin, This battle I shall win
Not a physical fight, but one from within
At times we are our own worst enemy
But I’ve chosen to be the best friend of me
Forsaking all others and doing for self,
Keeping It Real – For ME! 

© I. Charles 2005

Friday, 14 January 2011

Let Me Buy You A Drank


So, recently on Twitter @BornToRoyalty (follow her!!) questioned which females without the influence of alcohol, would approach a man they were attracted to? To which I responded “I’ve done it before and I’d do it again”. This sparked a convo between us (as we do, I mean really you should check some of our exchanges!)

For a woman to approach a man in that manner is seen to be quite “brave.” The majority of females if interested in a man will either a) front and ignore it or b) (as BTR said) “do the eye contact thing & hope he gets the msg!” 
Now whilst the latter is far from a bad route, I mean face it who really likes rejection, why is it seen as such an abnormality for a woman to approach a man? 

Y’all who sat there with Destiny’s Child screaming you bought it and declaring your independence are more likely to be the ones in the club sat around, top lip push up til ya sniffing it talking “man wants to push up on me and dance but he can’t even buy me a drink.” or “Nah blad I don’t know why he’s over there smiling at me, if he wants me to notice him, he needs to bring me a drink and introduce himself.” Did you leave your independence at home? If you want a drink why not buy yourself one and him too? 




I thought I’d give you a moment for that concept to sink in. YES I incredulously suggested that YOU bearer of breasts n flange dip into your fancy little purse and purchase a beverage for a Man! (This is where you chicks that spend £200 on your purse for the dance only to have nothing to put in it may feel to bow out, thanks for joining me). The below is very fitting here:

#IdFeelEmbarassed If I went to a rave with a LV bag, remi hair, jimmy choo shoes& yet I'm begging for a ride home. Why can't u afford a taxi” - @BornToRoyalty

In the situation where I in the past approached a guy without boring you with details, I offered to buy him a drink and he initially looked at me as if I’d said “Strange man, can I have your babies?” then accepted and we engaged in lovely conversation and a 6 month whirlwind of good damn times. Woohoo!!

BTR however relayed a situation in which a friend done the same, she stood up, confident and comfortable enough to offer to buy a man a drink and what was his response? Did he gracefully accept? No! Politely decline? No! The man had the audacity to tell the lady she was “too forward” and he didn’t like it. 

One time I bought a cinema ticket for a guy and his response was “how you doing that like man’s some bitch?!”……I refrained from the potential drama on that one, believe I wanted to cuss him. I know other ladies who have offered to pay yet have been told by men “no it’s the mans role” etc.

Our unified conclusion to the “being too forward” type comment: Male insecurity is a BITCH! Some male’s insecurity in their position as a man is the cause of many women refraining from being more open in initiating first contact and paying. If a woman has it “too together” (i.e. she has it more together than him) he will have a problem. There’s a thin line behind being a boy and a man.

Disclaimer: Don’t get it twisted though there’s some cheap ass women out there who better don’t even dare to consider using this post as a point of reference or as your new “reason” for being tight and selfish!

When I saw the following posted by @DiggyDash the day after it made me laugh ironically “Ladies, if you really like a man, why dont you ask him out on a date.. and pay? why is it the 'norm' that a man must make the first move?”
What the flying fox foot is a woman to do?! Make a move and we’re too forward, don’t and it’s a problem anyway. 

From the perspective of a grown ass woman who handles her own I speak to the men out there: – 

Do not be threatened or insulted by a woman who is actually confident and comfortable enough to show interest in you, whether that’s initial interest or by taking you out to show you our appreciation of you! We aren’t trying to make you feel redundant; we’re showing you that we see something special and/or different in you that we feel is worth a bigger investment than the money we are spending – Time investment! Money can be recouped, Time cannot! We are the Interdependent Women that are woman enough to let you be a man. Last time I checked being a man didn’t equate to being a walking bank account. We aren’t trying to crush your balls nor are we trying to belittle your position in our lives. All we’re showing you is that, in this day and age where so many women are self-centred witches lost in the crevice of their own ass,  you deserve to be made to feel good about yourself, appreciated and looked after just as much as we Women do.

Friday, 31 December 2010

2011 Wish

So as we wrap up 2010 and reflect on all the good and bad that’s occurred, as we count all blessings and say thank you for the lessons I thought I’d do an end of year blog. I know it’s been a bit unlubed on my blog but Superdrug has BOGOF on Durex so I’ll be slapping some Cherry Pump Lube all up on this bitch in due course!!!! (I like a bit of JLS but I AINT buying those damn condoms with their faces on though what a foolishness!!!!)

Anyway for my end of year blog I’m not here to talk about my personal aims and wishes and dreams etc for 2011. I’m not going to sit here reminiscing on 2010 either, I mean like I was there I lived it jeez.
This blog is simply my wish for the beautiful ladies I know and have come to known, the ones I’ll encounter and the ones who I don’t know but hey I wish this for you also……
        GOOD SEX AND ORGASMS!!!!!!!!

Yes that’s right I said it! Let 2011 be the year that see’s us all say NO! to not getting ours my lovelies!!!

Say NO! to poor sexual escapades! 
Say NO! to below par penis work!
Say NO! to weak head game!
Say NO! to sloppy face bathing kisses!
Say NO! to him finishing first while you pull out  a toy to finish!
Say NO! to the same positions each and every time!
Say NO! to laying like a sack of potatoes n letting him go at it!
Say NO! to keeping schtum on what does and doesn’t do it for you!
Say NO! to building boundaries based on other peoples opinions!
This leaves plenty of space for us to say YES! YES! OH HELL FUCKIN YES!!!! To the damn great sex we want need and desire!!!!

For those of my ladies abstaining, BIG UP YOUR CHESTS! I’ve served my sentence though so I’ll be leaving you all to that *fist pump of support doe*


Saturday, 11 December 2010

"I Don't Want Dick Tonight......."


Oral Sex, Cunnilingus, Muff Diving, Going Down, Lip Service, Box Lunch, Lickity Slit….call it what ya will but it all boils down to one thing innit – Eating Pussy!

I will be the first one to fling two han’ inna di air and say I love it. Yet in big big 2010, it still remains a taboo with many males (I struggle to use the word “Men” lol) still maintaining they don’t do it (and a small set of women who say they don’t like/want it but they likely never had it so their ignorance is their bliss…..)


There are 2 types of orgasm a woman can have – Clitoral and Vaginal and a LOT of women can only orgasm through clitoral stimulation. Yet and still there are a multitude of men who are only interested in letting their snake (often read minute maggot) roam in the dark cave! {SELFISH BASTARDS!} Lest I forget those who’s idea of foreplay is sticking their crusty unmanicured hand into your precious well-tended garden and rummaging around like they’re digging in their toolbox!! Oh yeah and those who love for their mic to be rocked and neglect to deal with the fact the harmonica forms part of this band too!!!! {HYPOCRITES!!!!}

The “reasonings” I’ve heard:

“Eurgh, how do I know her pussys clean” – If a woman’s vajayjay isn’t clean why would you even contemplate sticking your dick in it let alone anything else?! An uncircumcised penis (massages temple) has more chance of being below par hygiene than a healthy vagina (note the use of healthy, ladies maintenance goes beyond your regular wax!) Dudes don’t forget to pull that skin back!!!

“Only man who’s dick aint up to par need to do that get me” – FOOL! As I mentioned before, 2 types of female orgasm. You could have a womb tickler for a dick but if you haven’t fully stimulated a woman or you have a woman who only orgasms clitorally you are NOT going to tip her over the edge. The smasher is these ones love receiving head, they love how it feels, love that stimulation and pleasurement… So why the floss would a woman not appreciate the same?!

“I aint doing that to some any chick that I aint married to” – Now whilst I agree people need to take some caution in whom they be getting oral with, this statement is shullbit! If you aint doing it before, you aint gonna do it after. And in the off chance you do, you’re likely not doing it because you want to, you’re now feeling obligated and head through obligation is not worth the wax job! Gahlang wid dat!

“Pussy Smells”Healthy Vaj does NOT! If a woman has scent issues when she parts her legs, you need to not even stick ya dick in it either.

I can accept these musings from a juvenile who’s still sexually educating (but do not get it twisted, I’ve heard some young’uns are holding it down better than some of you grown oafs) but when I hear these things coming from big men I’m shocked and pretty much disgusted! 

Having embarked on a period of abstinence I recently had my ability to have a reactivated sex life where this was excluded questioned…. LOL! I’ve had relationships without it before don’t get it twisted but when you upgrade from Boys To Men (no offence but you may well be a man who handles his own in various areas and aspects of his life but sexually, hey you can STILL be a boy!!!)

A woman that truly knows her body, knows what feels good and through experience knows what heightens her good feeling. When you take charge of your own orgasm and make it clear to your bed mate what’s working, what’s not and what you want you reach a heightened more fulfilling sexual plane. I’m sure the sexually liberated ladies can agree with me!

To conclude I leave you with the wise words of The Queen B Lil Kim “The moral of the story is this, You aint lickin’ this, You aint stickin this”

I’m Out!!!   

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Having Me Cake n Eating It!!!!!

So....I thought I'd start off doing what I do best - giving my opinion!!!

I'm a member of the Biggest Baddest Sexiest Carnival Mas band in London Bachanal Mas and anyone that knows me knows I LOVE this band. So, when the date was set for the Annual Christmas Dinner & Reunion I thought it would be nice to do a lil something special for them......

.........Cupcakes!!!! Who can resist the sweet treat that has become a major food fashion statement!

I put out a call on Twitter - I mean that's what Social Networking is for right?
I got a few responses and recommendations but being a true believer that first impressions count, I continued dialogue with the lovely @ChenChen_x who formally introduced me to Parisienne: The House Of Cupcakes. The name sounds like that of a fancy boutique.......but did her Cupcakes live up it?!

Customer Service::
From the initial Twitter exchange with my bagga questions every response was professional but yet personal! I received a professional invoice detailing what I was getting. There was a great deal on with the cupcakes at a reduced rate - AND I got a first time purchase discount (Everybody loves a discount, so why would I front!!!) A few days before my delivery was due I received an Email from Parisienne re the wording on my cakes. "Christmas" wouldn't fit with the rest of the message and so it was asked if I'd mind "Crimbo" instead. Believe in most places that woulda been flung on said way and I'd have had to deal with it so I was able to be truly confident that these cakes would be personal to me and my Mas Fam! 10/10

Even though it's going to go in our mouth and get chomped and chewed we as humans LOVE our food to look hella good before we anihilate it. These were simply stunning!!! Baring in mind these were brought to a dinner, people were trying to get involved with the cakes before dinner started! I issued various threats to cut off limbs!!!! The christmas colours and deco looked ab fab! Blingy cupcakes enuh!!!! Jeeeeez.

Modelled By The Lovely @thrutheblue  

The boxes they came in were FAB! I worried about them just sitting in a cake box when transporting but the cupcake sectioned boxes meant they arrived in tip top shape. 10/10

Merry Crimbo BMas Fam (Check that BLING!)

We went to an All You Can Eat for dinner.....it was CARNAGE! Yet the cupcake boxes came out and hands were outstretched long long long! So to add to the pile of bones, we then had a pile of cupcake wrappers!!!! Moist, perfectly cooked, icing melted in your mouth, light, soft, tasty....all words that flew around and I can disagree with NONE! Baring in mind these were made on Saturday...today is Tuesday, I'm eating one as I type and it STILL tastes fully fresh, light n moist!!!! 10/10

Would I recommend them?! HELL YEAH!!
Would I used them again?! HELL YEAH!!!
Am I A Happy Customer?! HELL DAMN YEAH!!!!!!

Parisienne:The House Of Cupcakes - FULLY ENDORSED!!!